Acrylic Perfection Course (Dutch) Feedback & Certificate

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Are you ready to perfect your acrylic nail techniques and take your skills to the next level?

Our Acrylic Perfection Course is designed for experienced nail technicians who want to refine their techniques and expand their client base. This comprehensive course covers essential aspects of acrylic nail care and styling through five detailed modules and an introductory video.
What You Can Expect During the Course
•Module 1: Expanding and Retaining Your Client Base
•Module 2: Nail Preparation and Tip Application
•Module 3: Acrylic Application
•Module 4: Filing and Shaping the Nail
•Module 5: Finishing Touches
What You Will Receive
•Course Manual: A comprehensive guide covering all information about the anatomy of the nail, acrylic products and more.
•One Hour Feedback Session via Zoom: Personalized guidance and feedback on your work.
•Certificate of Completion: Upon successful completion of the course and feedback session, you will receive a certificate confirming your new skills.
•⁠ ⁠6 Months of Access: You will have access to all course materials and videos for six months, allowing you to learn at your own pace.
Important Information
•No Resale: This course and its materials are for your personal use only and may not be resold or distributed.
•No Refund Policy: Please note that once you purchase the course, no refunds will be issued.
•Certificate Disclaimer: The certificate provided upon completion is a certificate of completion, not a formal diploma.
Course Requirements
•You will need all acrylic products and tools
How to Enroll
Ready to start your journey towards perfecting your acrylic nail skills? Enroll now and gain access to our comprehensive training modules, instructional videos, and valuable resources. After purchasing the course, you will receive instructions to create your account, which will grant you access to all the course materials and videos.
We look forward to helping you elevate your acrylic nail expertise and achieve your professional goals. Let’s get started on this exciting journey together!