Brushes Kit

30.00 incl. BTW/VAT

Oval Brush
Our oval brush is THE definition of versatility. Whether you want to paint a whole nail, create or clean a french manicure or apply builder gel, our oval brush can help you achieve any type of manicure.

Detail Brush
Our detailing brush is extra thin and is 7mm in length, which helps in being more precise when creating small details on hand-painted nail designs. This brush works wonders in combination with our painting gels. Whether it’s abstract doodles or fine and precise lines, our detailing brush will have your back!

Liner Brush
Our liner brush is extra thin and is 15mm in length to help you in making your designs as accurate as possible. This brush is great in combination with our painting gels or regular gel polishes to create detailed designs, precise lines and to fill in designs.

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